Doku Construction has an experience and knowledge in construction sector thanks to its background of half century. Applications have always been carried out with first-class materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Quality has been aimed to be increased. By following the technologies closely, in continuous applications new technologies are implemented. Materials in accordance with (CE – TSE - EN ISO 9001 - 2008, OHSAS 18001 - 2007, ISO 14001 – 2004) standards are used and the quality target is kept ahead of the profit target.


The construction work led by Mr. Arap Dokumacı in 1974 dates back to 44 years. Under the guidance of Arap Dokumacı, DOKU Construction is continuing and developing with the companies established: ALKOM Aluminum in 2003, ALKOR Aluminum in 2008, DOKU Energy in 2008.

Message from the president: Tissue - DOKU


Starting with the construction works in 1974, our company is expanding its activities in the continually evolving field of study. The activities of our company to work with you, you have found a better way to introduce appropriate. We offer short resume that includes works and we are still making our information in your feedback. Our company; Construction, Tourism, Industry, Industry and Energy in the Field; Organizations that Tissue Construction, Aluminium Alkon, Alger Energy operates with aluminum and cast iron. Intensive knowledge, broad pact and modern equipped machine offers outstanding staff. Our group of companies both domestic and international services and commitments (CE - TSE - EN ISO 9001-2008, OHSAS 18001 - 2007 ISO 14001 - 2004) Standards are proud of delivering appropriate and timely. We have completed to date is an indication of our quality work.

Management Approach

Where N is the dominant information in the 21st century, where innovation is continuing rapidly to chase each other and there is now intense competition Tissue Construction institutionalization. Therefore, every member of our company; Always development, aiming to develop innovative and so will not be satisfied with the current situation, the vision they have in pioneering enough to share with colleagues at all levels, to monitor changes occurring in and around the world, why and observers enough to do research on the results, in the context of love and respect, the training of new colleagues for to share professional knowledge and experience as sharing, to make conclusions from their experience and ongoing research as to learn the system is creative enough to reveal unusual and constructive solutions to further improve constantly keep alive their expectations about the future situation, work together as friends, as that would encourage for radical changes highly motivated, knowledge, skills, much respect and will in the soul of love merits personality, best determination to succeed and not give up the always combative enough to be appreciated by the people, using the initiative to bear the risks and consequences, with character integrity is running can think positive, even under the most difficult conditions .